Cryptozoic Cryptkins- Series 1

These first appearance NFTs from Cryptozoic drop Thursday, 06 May 2021 at 8 am PST only on the VeVe Android & iOS Apps

Bigfoot digital collectible available on VeVe


Despite his name, your very hairy new friend is definitely fairly little … at least so far. Keep an eye on him though, he likes wandering in forests, making it hard to track him down sometimes!

Chupacabra digital collectible only available on VeVe

Chupacabra (choo-pah-kah-brah)

He may be fiercely green and have spikes running along his head and back, but he just wants to be your friend! Don’t believe those rumors about him drinking the blood of livestock … but keep him away from farms — and goats, especially goats — just in case!

Nessie digital collectible only available on VeVe


You don’t need to look at some grainy photo to tell that this little monster is for real, and she’s been on quite a journey to get to you, far away from any mysterious Scottish lakes! She may be small, but she could keep growing and growing. It might be smart to locate all major bodies of freshwater close to you now …

Yeti (yet-ee)

As his other nickname — the Abominable Snowman — suggests, this guy loves cold weather. He enjoys hiking in the mountains before settling down for a hot chocolate in a warm cave … or back at home with you. Small warning: He loves to get and give hugs, but doesn’t always know his own strength!

Cthulu digital collectible only available on VeVe

Cthulhu (ka-thoo-loo)

This fellow has been on a long, cosmic trip to get to you. Of course, being a pint-sized version of a mythological creature hell-bent on destruction, he may be a bit of a handful. But all he needs is a bit of love!

Jersey Devil digital collectible only available on Veve

Jersey Devil

Don’t let the horns — and the name — fool you! He can be a bit rascally and may unintentionally cause mass hysteria at times, but this fanged fellow is just looking for a buddy to have some fun with.


You’ll think those legends about him terrifying a small town are just ridiculous after you meet this sweet fellow! Still, you should probably warn your neighbors about your red-eyed, high-flying little friend before nefarious rumors about him begin again.

Twilight Mothman digital collectible available only on VeVe

Twilight Mothman

He may have a strange love for barns and abandoned buildings — especially right before it gets dark — but there’s nothing scary about this lovable monster. He’s ready to fly out of legend and right into your heart!

Ogopogo (oh-go-po-go)

This cheerful monster is the stuff of legends and also exhibits that legendary Canadian friendliness, so she’ll make a great companion! Keep some water close by so she can take a dip. It wouldn’t be the worst thing if you lived near a lake … you know, in case she gets bigger.

Thunderbird digital collectible only available on VeVe


Myths say that this guy is enormously powerful and may even have supernatural powers over the weather. So, if he’s ever in a bad mood, you may want to keep an umbrella handy … and track down the nearest storm shelter.

Nightcrawler digital collectibles only available on VeVe


He may look strange and make your neighbors believe aliens are invading, but this little creature is as friendly as they come! Folklore suggests he may have evolved to survive on a planet with swampland, so it’s a big bonus if you live near any wetlands.

Cosmic Cthulhu digital collectible only available on VeVe

Cosmic Cthulhu (koz-mik ka-thoo-loo)

Despite the legends, looking at him won’t drive you insane … if anything, you’ll fall in love with his unique appearance and rambunctious personality! One warning: It’ll be hard to keep him all to yourself since wherever he goes, cults of followers just seem to show up!

Midnight Chupacabra

Midnight Chupacabra was the first Cryptkins vinyl figure variant to be released! This character made his first appearance as a 2018 Wonder Con exclusive figure, which was also the date of the official launch of Cryptkins vinyl figures to the public.

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