ECOMI Monthly Update - Nov 2023

5 min readDec 4, 2023


The ECOMI Discord Server goes live, serving as the new community hub for updates on ECOMI and OMI tokens. The ECOMI Social Team expands with the hiring of a Community Manager and Discord Manager. The trophies pile up with the VeVe platform and ECOMI CEO and Co-Founder David Yu winning awards. We also saw some massive drops on VeVe from new and returning IP, including Avatar and Sesame Street.

ECOMI Discord

As the ECOMI community stretches across the globe, we want to ensure that we can communicate effectively with as many of you as possible.

The Discord will act as our new community hub, and as our community and social capabilities continue to grow, it will give us a much more stable platform to communicate and share information with you all while giving everyone in the Fam a safe space to communicate with each other.

The ECOMI Discord Server went live on November 23, 2023, and can be joined here.

If you haven’t used Discord before, you can download the app on your computer or log in through a web browser.

Steps on how to join the ECOMI Discord, as well as safety precautions to take to help eliminate spam and any other malicious activities, can be found in our ECOMI Community Discord Server Medium Article.

Make sure to join so you can communicate with our social team, participate in events and giveaways, access community perks, and be the first to receive our announcements and updates!

ECOMI Social Team

As our community continues to expand, communication between the team and ECOMI fam has never been more important.

To facilitate conversation and feedback to and from the team and provide updates and information on ongoing priorities, the ECOMI team added Foster Hilt in a Community Management and Engagement role.

Foster has been in the community since early 2021 and began making content about the OMI token, focusing on instructional videos to assist users with various topics in the ecosystem.

The expansion of the ECOMI social team continued with the launch of the Discord Server, where WildHare was announced as the Server Manager.

Many of you will know WildHare from his time on the VeVe Discord Server, and we thank him for the tireless hours spent building and contributing to our collecting community.

He is responsible for the upkeep of the ECOMI server and managing our team of community moderators.

Both Foster and WildHare will be working to refine our communications and expand our community capabilities and are available on the server to share our latest updates and information or answer any questions.

A Pair of Trophies for the Collection

This month saw VeVe top the competition with the reception of the Deloitte Fast 50 award. 🏆

Deloitte states that this award is presented to “forward-thinking innovators, shaping the future of fast growth.”

The award is eligible for all companies across New Zealand and recognizes the fastest-growing companies in their respective industries.

VeVe and ECOMI Co-Founder and CEO, David Yu, also took home the very prestigious EY Master Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur of the Year New Zealand awards.

The EY Entrepreneur of the Year program recognizes and celebrates the spirit and contribution of exceptional entrepreneurs. These are the individuals who see things beyond the horizon and help shape the future.

David will represent New Zealand at the upcoming World Entrepreneur Of The Year event in June 2024 and compete with the top entrepreneurs worldwide.

A huge congratulations go out to both VeVe and David for these incredible achievements!

Have you Heard?

The bird was the word on VeVe with Sesame Street’s Big Bird being the next installment of Sesame Street Characters dropped on the platform.

Standing at 8’2” tall, Big Bird is a compassionate 6 ½-year-old yellow bird who loves to help his friends on Sesame Street and truly understands what it means to be a good friend. Big Bird’s favorite activities include dancing, reading, and rollerblading. He is proud of his neighborhood, and he especially loves being tall … it helps him see the world from a different point of view!

Big Bird joins fellow characters Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster as beloved childhood favorites on the platform.

Not to be upstaged, the iconic Avatar franchise by 20th Century Studios made its inaugural appearance on the platform with the Avatar Banshee Series.

Through a process called Tsaheylu, the Na’vi of Pandora bond for life with the ferocious-looking ikran, or banshee (as named by the RDA). Once bonded, banshees and their Na’vi partners embark on spectacular aerial adventures — sometimes to hunt, sometimes for the joy of flight.

Avatar holds the record for the highest-grossing movie of all time, with Avatar: The Way of Water following closely behind in third place. Truly an iconic IP to add to VeVe.

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The OMI token is intended to amplify the collecting experience and, when available, will provide VeVe collectors with a range of unique ways to build and expand their digital collections.

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