“It just looks like a fun, cool way to get my kids into crypto. I mean really, just to get them started in it by collecting these characters, but it’s actually much bigger than that!” — Jason Appleton

What is ECOMI?

The idea of these collectibles, are they all unique? Am I meant to purchase a digital collectible and then if someone loves that character more than me, maybe they’re willing to pay me more to get it? Is that the idea?

Give me an idea, who are some of these big licenses? I’ve read about some of these, and wow, this is not a mom and pop project, you guys are building some wildly significant relationships!

What can you talk about?

What sort of functionality are you looking to bring to this?

The ECOMI Collect Digital Wallet

If you’ve followed ECOMI for a while, you’re probably aware of our incredible cold storage wallet-the Secure Wallet. The ECOMI Collect Digital Wallet is a re-design of the Secure Wallet, built specifically for digital collectibles. The hardware devices themselves can then also be customised with licensed content, will be made available in retail stores and online as a booster pack, and come with a redemption code for a rare collectible.

“This is like a perfect world. I want a job!” — Jason Appleton

If you would like to learn more about the ECOMI Collect Digital Wallet, tune in around 22 minutes. David and Dan both go into detail about the wallet itself, it’s interaction with the ECOMI Collect app, as well as potential future uses of our augmented reality tech with licensors and other physical products. Have a watch of this section, and you may end up with the same conclusion as Jason, and I quote: “you guys make me want to collect sh*t!”

One of the things that is most exciting to us is that we are putting collecting into the pocket of every single person who has a smartphone. We are really bringing this industry to the mass market, and it’s really thanks to blockchain technology and the scarcity of these assets.

— Dan Crothers

  • ECOMI Collect and our associated products
  • Our partnership with GoChain, and the OMI token
  • Token sale information and in-app purchases
  • Some great insider information that we can’t put in writing!



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